Vertical vs Horizontal video. What you need to know for IGTV

Recently Instagram announced that IGTV will now support horizontal video. This is fantastic news for the die-hard horizontal video creators. So let’s take a look at what this means for you to get more views and engage your audience. Vertical vs horizontal video. What...

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Getting Started on IGTV for Business

Updated: 26th May 2019 So you’ve been thinking about IGTV and toying with the idea of uploading some videos for your business. Or maybe you have uploaded some videos, but you don’t want to jump down that rabbit hole without understanding IGTV, or knowing if it’s going...

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Differentiating Yourself from the Competition with Video

If you're keeping up with online trends, you're creating videos for your business. You might even be creating videos for more than one platform, like YouTube and Facebook.  Every day, businesses are pushing through more and more content with video, to satisfy the...

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How to Promote Your IGTV Videos to Get More Views

Updated 15 May 2019 Okay so you've decided to jump into IGTV. Yes! Congratulations, we need more awesome content on IGTV. But now what? How do you get people to watch your videos? Instagram is doing their best to promote you to your current followers, buuuut... if...

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Everything You Wanted to Know About IGTV

Whoa! IGTV is here. Being a major new feature on Instagram, you just know it's going to blow up big. Maybe you want to jump right into IGTV, or maybe you're just curious and want to see how it plays out first. Either way, you probably have a whole lot of questions. So...

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How to Create an Inspiring Instagram Theme for Your Business

If you're an infopreneur or online marketer, you might wonder whether it's worth putting much effort into your Instagram account at all. Here's my take on it: If you've decided to be on Instagram and you are posting photos, then yes - it's worth putting the effort in....

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