Improving my photography

ralph running

It's a gorgeous sunny Sunday today here in Sydney and although the sun streaming into my craft room is very inviting, I'm taking a bit of a crafting break today to take some photos.  I'm doing an online photography course at Jessica Sprague to try and improve my photographs of my family and of … [Read more...]

Where have I been?

Wow, I think this is the longest I haven't blogged for since I started blogging over 2 years ago.  To be truthful I don't know why... but I'll make a list of things that have been going on around here which might give us both an idea of where my time has gone. Christmas shopping for the whole … [Read more...]

Stampin’ Music

Gasp!  Taking a big breath here as I've been off-line for two weeks.  Thankfully I could still get emails from my phone so I wasn't totally out of touch with the world.  Anyway, while I sort out stuff that I've made here that I can upload, I thought I'd do a quick post to find out what everyone out … [Read more...]

Christos Anesti!

paul & jade easter 2008.jpg

Christos Anesti to all you Greeks out there that happen to be visiting my blog. For everyone else, it's Greek Easter today so instead of showing cards I'm sharing some happy snaps of the family smashing dyed eggs which is a Greek Easter tradition. Eggs, plates.... we sure do love smashing stuff! … [Read more...]

Double Digits!!!

Jades 10th Birthday card.jpg

My little darling is growing up. :( When kids are little babies everyone tells you to enjoy them because they grow up so fast. Unfortunately when you're sleep deprived, under a mountain of nappies (diapers) and bottles of milk and chasing them around the house so they don't hurt themselves, it's … [Read more...]

Are You Royalty?

We're still on school holidays here and the kids were starting to get a bit bored (yes, it's hot and we have a great swimming pool and the kid's rooms look like a toy stores but you know...) so my lovely neighbour who does a lot of work for her church kindly offered to take them to Bible Camp for … [Read more...]

Warning! Proud Mother Bragging Moment

Oh I can't help myself... I have to brag.  It was Presentation Day today at the kids' school and my husband and I went along to do the usual "photo and video thing"... what a memorable day - all three of my (okay, our) children won a special award.  Nicholas and Thomas (twins but in separate … [Read more...]