10 Stampin’ Up! Cards You Can Make In Minutes – Part 6

Stampin' Up! Nautical themed masculine card

I think I've been hanging out at the shops too much lately because today's card reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger clothes, with that all-American preppy look. With this card I was going for a clean nautical look which is so far from my usual style but I think I really like it.  Depending on who I'm … [Read more...]

Card In A Box for Teens

Right view of card in a box

It's occurred to me that while I've made a bunch of these "Card In A Box" cards, I haven't shared any with you!  Ahhh! I hope I'm forgiven.  So here's one I made recently for one of my sons.  I usually make a 'fandom' card for him based on some TV show or video game that he enjoys but this year he … [Read more...]

Teenage Boy Birthday Card

Stampin' Up! Teenage Birthday card

A little change of pace from my usual girly cards!  With twin sons, I often have some masculine birthday cards to make.  This week though being tired after a horrible virus, I felt my "teen boy cards creativity" was asleep but I had to get the card made asap.  What to do?  I was flicking through the … [Read more...]

Get Well Card for a child

Stampin' Up! Get Well Card

The other day my daughter was looking through a box of cards that I made her over the years and she pulled out a couple of Get Well cards.  "You used to make me cards when I was sick? why don't you do that anymore???"  Oh dear.  Yes, even though it was something like a quick bout of tonsillitis, I'd … [Read more...]

A Sweet Little Project

stampin up lolly bags for candy buffet

Dessert bars, candy buffets, lolly buffets, call them what you will - they're all the rage right now and no surprise why, they look amazing and never fail to impress.  I always wonder though if those people who style dessert buffets try one of each lolly?  I mean, they'd want to make sure it's all … [Read more...]

Stampin’ Up! Up Up & Away Birthday Card

jades 14th birthday card

The beauty of having a daughter who also loves papercrafts is that when I receive my new Stampin' Up! catalogues I have someone right there with me to get excited and pour over all the new beautiful products.  When the Idea Book & Catalogue came out last September one of the stamp sets that my … [Read more...]

Cupcake Die-Cut Card

Jades 13th birthday invite

It's my daughter's 13th birthday coming up very soon and while her friends are expecting an invite via Facebook or email, there's no way we weren't going to take the opportunity to make up a cute card as the invitation.  So here's the finished product, designed by my daughter Jade with my … [Read more...]

Boy’s 10th Birthday Card

Royces 10th birthday card

When I started cardmaking, children's cards were pretty much the only cards I made - well kids and baby cards.  For some reason though I still struggle a bit with them, I guess the tricky part for me trying to make the layout 'fun'. This is a 10th birthday card I made for a friend of the family.  … [Read more...]

Girl’s 10th Birthday Card

10 year birthday girl card

So what do you do when you have a card to make for a 10 year old girl and you don't know much about her?  I decided to go with glitter, flowers, a butterfly, ribbon and a rhinestone.  I'm hoping somewhere there I've hit on something she likes!  Actually a little trick I use when I don't know the … [Read more...]