Sponge Daubers tips & ideas


Sponge Daubers are my little secret... but not any more!  Thank you to Fiona for your question about what you can use sponge daubers for, I've finally sat down and put my thoughts together in one place.  Also, Kim B you asked about pastels, you might find some more ideas here. Karyn, you asked … [Read more...]

Using Heat & Stick Powder


Thank you to everyone who has entered my competition so far!  I figured instead of just answering the questions that I'd also make a card to go with them.  So the first question I received was from Gabbie, asking about how to use Heat & Stick Powder.  Thanks Gabbie!  I've been meaning to make a … [Read more...]

Taking Care of your Rubber Stamps

I've been moved to write up an information page on taking care of your rubber stamps due to the near heart attack I've suffered by seeing rubber stamps treated in all sorts of weird ways... especially in scrapbooking magazines.  Why are stamps stored in weird ways in Scrapbooking magazines? I've … [Read more...]

Watercolour Crayons

[photopress:DSCN0870_1_2.jpg,full,pp_empty] Don't these little beauties look absolutely yummy?  I love them!  Oh I umm'd and ahh'd about buying them and whether I should or not (after all there's so much else in the Stampin' Up! catalogue that I also wanted to buy) but boy am I now glad I did buy … [Read more...]