Monogram Card

Beau Chateau Monogram Card

I'm cheating a little today and showing you a card that I made a little while ago.  I was going through my photos and found it so I thought I'd share it. I kept the main part of the card very simple because the middle part is quite fancy. The patterned paper has been sponged around the edges with … [Read more...]

Creative Elements

fabulous shabby chic

I'm a bit torn over this card.  I really like it because it's my style, but I feel like it might need more?  I don't know... I started to add pearls to the scallops then took them off.  I started to put buttons on the card then never glued them down.  I think it looks fine as it is but then also … [Read more...]

Shabby Chic For You Card

shabby chic for you

A little bit of Shabby Chic for you all today.  I've been spending some time surfing around Pinterest checking out shabby chic decor and I've been so inspired, especially from all those beautiful pastel colours and interesting textures.  So I've translated that into this card.  I've used those … [Read more...]

Shabby Chic Butterfly Card

blue hope butterfly

Yes I'm still here! An apology for the drought of 3 weeks without blogging, I haven't been feeling very well and so I decided that it was best that I didn't unleash my foggy brain on to the public during this time.  I have been creating though and so I do have some cards to share with you … [Read more...]