Ikea Ribbon & Punch Storage

ikea ribbon storage

My ribbon & punch storage has got to be my most requested post. So here it is! My Ikea Ribbon & Punch Storage solution using the Raskog Trolley. Previously I had my ribbons and punches hanging on my walls but I've now found something that suits me much better.  On a recent trip to Ikea I … [Read more...]

Sponge Daubers tips & ideas


Sponge Daubers are my little secret... but not any more!  Thank you to Fiona for your question about what you can use sponge daubers for, I've finally sat down and put my thoughts together in one place.  Also, Kim B you asked about pastels, you might find some more ideas here. Karyn, you asked … [Read more...]

Taking Care of your Rubber Stamps

I've been moved to write up an information page on taking care of your rubber stamps due to the near heart attack I've suffered by seeing rubber stamps treated in all sorts of weird ways... especially in scrapbooking magazines.  Why are stamps stored in weird ways in Scrapbooking magazines? I've … [Read more...]

Ribbon Storage

ribbon storage

Here I am again with my second favourite topic - Storage. In fact, I've decided to make a whole category for storage as I've talked about it in the past and no doubt will keep on talking about storage. There something just so fun about buying craft stuff then figuring out how to store it … [Read more...]

Eyelets & Buttons & Brads Oh My!

accessory storage.jpg

I've discovered magnetic tape! Yay! Although I had a very satisfactory storage solution for my Stampin' Up! eyelets, buttons and brads, I ran out of room on my bookcase so I needed to find another way of storing things that I wanted to use often. My desk is already full with my iMac, two … [Read more...]