Fifty Shades of Grey anyone?

fifty shades of grey

And now for something a little different... this card is for your inner goddess ladies, hehehe. I must say I had a good laugh making this card.  I had the idea the other day then forgot about it - today I was shuffling through papers and saw the grey cardstock and it came back to me.  I knew … [Read more...]

Breaking Dawn Gift Box

bellas bonbonnier

Have you seen Breaking Dawn yet? I imagine if Bella and Edward had Wedding Favours (Bonbonerie) then this box with the black & red theme would work well.  Although it seemed that in the movie a large number of guests colour-coordinated themselves in soft purple colours, red & black still … [Read more...]

Twilight Christmas Card

dazzling christmas

We wish you a Twilight Christmas, we wish you a Twilight Christmas and a happy new year! LOL.  Okay it's a bit early for all that but since I went to the movies last night and saw New Moon I was inspired to do a Twilight Saga inspired Christmas card today. As usual I made my Twilight inspired … [Read more...]

Bella’s Truck

forks or bust

So I was sitting here watching Twilight on my Mac for something like the 500th time and I was inspired to make another one of my Twilight cards.  I enjoy making Twilight-inspired cards as they amuse me greatly :D Anyway, it occurred to me while I was watching the movie that I had a truck stamp … [Read more...]

Why am I covered in feathers?


So what do you do when there's dramas around you?  Amuse yourself of course.  And so I did, by making this card: Okay, I admit it's not an original sentiment, but neither is Happy Birthday, and it cracks me up so that's good enough for me. LOL.  For those of you who haven't read "Breaking … [Read more...]

Twilight Saga Inspired


I was in fits of laughter making this card, I had so much fun.  So this card is for a friend and now that she's received it I can reveal it on my blog.  You're probably wondering why I'd say 'Bite Me' on a card to a friend... well she's been teasing me unmercifully about my Twilight Addiction and … [Read more...]