Valentine’s, Anniversary, Just Because I Love You!


So it's Valentine's Day next week and I've made a bunch of Valentine's Day cards (because I love a lot of people!).  But I was thinking these cards would also be great as Anniversary cards or even "just because" cards.  Just because?  Sure, there's times when someone has gone through a hard time but … [Read more...]

Flirtatious Pink

Pretty in Pink

Maybe it's this amazing weather we've been having in Sydney lately that has put me in the mood to make this light and airy card.  The sun has been shining and it's been feeling like Spring.  I know I shouldn't get excited yet, we've only just passed the middle of Winter here in Australia but for now … [Read more...]

An Engagement Card

clares engagement card

Oh I'm so excited about this card.  I finally finished it after much mucking around - that is, me accidentally flicking ink into it, ripping the embossed cardstock while trimming it down to size and all sorts of other things. So this is an engagement card I but of course would work perfectly … [Read more...]