Papers & Cardstock

Coloured cardstock

Stampin’ Up! coloured cardstock comes in 54 different colours and 6 neutral colours.  The cardstock is 216gsm which is not only great for cardmaking, scrapbooking and other papercrafts but also is the perfect weight to use with your die-cutting machines such as the Cricut.  Stampin’ Up!’s coloured cardstock is coloured through the core, so there’s no white line when you use a tearing technique – just pure colour all the way through.  This coloured cardstock is also safe for scrapbooking.  Stampin’ Up! coloured cardstock comes in smooth (A4 or 12″x12″) or textured finish (12″x12″).
Vellum is a translucent white paper which is great for stamping, dry-embossing, heat embossing and using as an overlay.  This is a very elegant paper great for Wedding invitations, thank you cards, etc., also good for Christening/Baptism cards and other special occassions.  Stampin’ Up! Vellum is 64gsm and safe for scrapbooking.  As vellum is translucent you may be able to see adhesive behind it when you stick it down onto cardstock – in this case you can use brads (split-pins), eyelets, ribbon threaded through holes and tied in a bow, glue-dots and then adhere a small flat-backed pearl, bead, sequin, etc. over the top to cover the glue-dot.  Photo corners can also be used along with something a bit more creative like punching out a slit for the vellum to slide into.  Xyron is a transparent adhesive which is good for using with vellum.

Glossy Cardstock

Glossy White is glossy on the front and Matte at the back.  It is 216gsm and great for using with a brayer, for embossing resist technique amongst others and also great for fancy occasions such as party invitations.  Glossy cardstock is high in alkaline content and therefore not recommended for scrapbooking.
Watercolour Paper
A beautiful artist-quality paper that is a heavy 300gsm, 100% cotton and is cold-pressed. Cold pressed paper is very popular with watercolour artists. Cold pressed watercolour paper has a medium texture which is neither smooth nor rough. Cold pressed watercolour paper absorbs water better than hot pressed so it doesn’t buckle.  Cold pressed paper gets its name from a finishing process employed by the paper makers, the paper is milled through a set of cold cylinders to get the cotton fibre to lay down – therefore called ‘cold pressed’.

Stampin’ Up! Metallic paper is 216gsm and comes in Brushed Copper, Brushed Silver and Brushed Gold.  This metallic paper is gorgeous on Wedding & Anniversary cards along with special birthday cards such as 40th, 50th, 60th, etc.

Double-Sided Designer Series Paper

Stampin’ Up! Double-Sided Designer Series Paper comes in a variety of styles & colours* and is 180gsm.


Watercolour Paper – Hot Pressed

Hot pressed watercolour paper is milled through hot cylinders which give it a much smoother finish than cold pressed watercolour paper and is good for painting fine detail.

Washi Paper

Washi paper originates from Japan and can be made from a variety of different barks including the gampi tree, mitsumata shrub and bamboo to name a few.  Washi paper is a tough paper and is great for Origami.

Mulberry Paper

Mulberry paper is a lightweight, tissue-like paper that feathers when you tear it.  To tear Mulberry Paper easily, simply ‘paint’ a line with a wet paintbrush down the Mulberry paper to break down the fibres and then pull the paper apart.  Mulberry paper can be found in art stores in a variety of colours.


Not a paper but a clear plastic-like surface (like an overhead transparancy) used for rubber stamping and other projects.  It is recommended that you use StazOn ink to stamp on acetate.

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