Create a Christmas Gift Guide
Have you prepared a Christmas Gift Guide for your customers? It's not too late to create a gift guide for your customers. While lots of people have started their Christmas shopping, those who haven't will be very grateful for some ideas from you.  And there's always last minute shopping to do for friends and family that are a little tricky to shop for.

Get creative and email your customers and prospects some easy gift ideas from the products you sell.

Gift Guide

Here's some tips for you to create a gift guide for your customers

  • Make it super easy for them by putting a list of gifts by age category
  • Or try listing gifts by life category (teen, mum, friend)
  • Or list the gifts by price category (under $25, $50, $100, $150+)
  • Or list the gifts by interests (for the photographer in your life, foodie, fashionista)
  • Group small items that work well together to create a bundle
  • Remember to add Gift Vouchers to that list if you offer them
  • If you can offer gift wrapping then make sure you note that in your email
  • Add clean, bright photos to go with your gift list
  • Add links straight to your online shop
  • Are you offering free shipping? This is definitely a bonus for Christmas shopping.

Gifting Services & Experiences

Gift guides aren't only for products! If you sell experiences of any sort then they make fantastic gifts, especially since you can email the voucher immediately.  No waiting, no shipping, no out-of-stock.  And in this world of decluttering and living a simple life, there's a huge market for gifting experiences over actual ‘things'.

Get creative, do you offer fashion styling services, creative classes, retreats, shopping experiences. Just about any service can be packaged to become a Christmas gift.  Group your experiences by:

  • life/interest category (mum, sporty, for him)
  • beginner, intermediate, expert
  • Two hours, half-day, full-day, weekends
  • Experience/service + actual product bundle

Note if you're blogging, your gift guide might be seen by more people than just customers in your niche so avoid using company jargon to appeal to a wider audience.

Then Pin it! Remember to pin your blog post to Pinterest in any Christmas board you have access to, not only your own Christmas board but also any Christmas Group Boards too along with any Pinterest boards that suit your product or service.

Bonus tip: Now add this to your calendar for next year. If you were a bit late to the game this year, add it to September 2016 so you can start preparing early.

I hope you found this article helpful, I'd love for you to leave a comment if you did. And remember that you can fill in your email address below so you don't miss out on any business inspiration in the future.