Wow, awesome new feature just released on Instagram. Ever want to save photos on Instagram? Well now you can. I'll show you how to bookmark photos on Instagram and explain how you can use this feature for your business. No more taking a screenshot of a fabulous outfit you saw, or inspiration for a holiday or that cute puppy. Now you can save those photos in your private gallery. Think of it as “your own private Pinterest on Instagram”.

How to bookmark photos on Instagram

How to Bookmark photos on Instagram

  1. Make sure you've updated your app so you have the latest features
  2. Scroll down your feed until you find a photo you'd like to bookmark
  3. Tap on the little ‘bookmark' icon on the right hand side, just under the photo (as shown below)How to bookmark Instagram photos
  4. That's it! Now if you want to see your gallery of saved photos. Simply tap on the little ‘person' icon at the bottom of your screen to go back to your Instagram Profile.
  5. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen, then select ‘bookmark' icon on the right hand side of your page, labelled “Saved”.

And yes, your saved gallery is completely private, so no one knows that you've saved that cute photo of them. And, if you want to revisit a specific photo, just scroll down your gallery and select the photo you want. Instagram will take you straight to the original photo! So you don't have to remember which account you got the photo from or have to make your own notes. Cool huh?

Using Instagram's Bookmark Feature for your Business

Okay, so apart from keeping inspirational photos of places you can go on holidays to, or yummy smoothies, how can you use this feature for you business? Glad you asked. Instagram is so fast, you post your photo, your followers skim through, and if they're inspired by the photo they'll stop and like it and maybe even comment. After that though, unless they even think of taking a screenshot (which most wouldn't), your photo is gone and you start all over again.

With Instagram's new bookmark feature, this is an awesome opportunity for you to create a Call To Action which will get your most important Instagram photos saved on your followers phones for future reference. There's no having to explain how to take a screen shot (if your ideal customer isn't tech savvy), or hoping they'll find the photo again in their photo app. The bookmark symbol is right there for them to easily tap. So next time you have a photo that you really want them to come back to and reference, you just need to tell them.

Create a Call To Action in your caption saying something like “save this photo by tapping the bookmark icon directly under the photo”. Of course the Call To Action should be customized to suit the product or service your selling. You don't want to give them the same Call To Action for every single photo as it won't be as effective. But use it thoughtfully, and it can really add to your Instagram marketing.

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