Social Media for Non-Techy Business Owners

Trying to stay visible on social media and attracting your ideal client can be a struggle, with time wasting, overwhelm, and information overload. Not the sort of thing you went into business for. You want to share your skills and passion with the world but you spend a crazy amount of time continuously trying to figure out what works best online to get your customers to notice you.

Hi, I'm Angela. I help entrepreneurs attract more business, by helping them speak their customer's language online. I help you stop chasing prospects around the internet and start attracting customers that are looking for your services and products.

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How to Write Blog Posts People Want to Read and Share

Any blogger will tell you that a blog post can take somewhere between 2 to 6 hours to prepare, depending on your topic and industry. You put all that hard work in, so you want to make your posts are engaging your visitors, and share-worthy on social media. After all,...

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Myths About Social Media You Need to Stop Believing

It happens every time. Whenever I'm at an event and someone asks me what I do, there'll be at least one person who says: "No offense, but I hate social media". Of course I laugh and tell them I'm not offended at all. And yes, I'm really not offended or bothered by it,...

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How to use Instagram for your service based business

I often get asked by if Instagram is suited to service based businesses. Of course no one wants to go down the rabbit hole of another social media platform if it's going to be a time suck with no return. Plus there's that whole "what the heck am I going to post if I...

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Using Hashtags on Instagram for more Likes & Comments

One thing is for sure on social media, engagement is the key to both growing your audience and getting attention. And on Instagram, engagement comes in the way of likes, comments and follows. But to get those likes, comments and follows from people we want to attract,...

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