5 Apps You Need to Boost Your Productivity

Between Facebook, Gaming Apps and watching videos, your phone can become the enemy rather than a friend. And all those little interruptions can really add up, so that we end up with a couple of hours of messing around with things that aren’t work related or... read more

How to Write Blog Posts People Want to Read and Share

Any blogger will tell you that a blog post can take somewhere between 2 to 6 hours to prepare, depending on your topic and industry. You put all that hard work in, so you want to make your posts are engaging your visitors, and share-worthy on social media. After all,... read more

Myths About Social Media You Need to Stop Believing

It happens every time. Whenever I’m at an event and someone asks me what I do, there’ll be at least one person who says: “No offense, but I hate social media”. Of course I laugh and tell them I’m not offended at all. And yes, I’m... read more

How to use Instagram for your service based business

I often get asked by if Instagram is suited to service based businesses. Of course no one wants to go down the rabbit hole of another social media platform if it’s going to be a time suck with no return. Plus there’s that whole “what the heck am I... read more

Using Hashtags on Instagram for more Likes & Comments

One thing is for sure on social media, engagement is the key to both growing your audience and getting attention. And on Instagram, engagement comes in the way of likes, comments and follows. But to get those likes, comments and follows from people we want to attract,... read more

How to Bookmark photos on Instagram

Wow, awesome new feature just released on Instagram. Ever want to save photos on Instagram? Well now you can. I’ll show you how to bookmark photos on Instagram and explain how you can use this feature for your business. No more taking a screenshot of a fabulous... read more

8 Awesome Sites for High Quality Free Stock Photos

There’s two sayings that an online small business owner will hear over and over again: “content is king” and “stick to your zone of genius”. Excellent! you say. “I have a tonne of information I want to share with my followers and... read more

So much social media, so little time

What is it about social media that can make a small business owner feel overwhelm just at the mention of it? Yesterday I was speaking with a friend about how much I’m loving using Snapchat. Although we were talking over the phone, I could tell what she was thinking... read more

Creating a never ending flow of content

It’s the never ending issue when you’re blogging and posting on social media isn’t it? Creating new content, and trying to figure out what fabulous information is lurking in your brain that you can pull out and share with your followers. Something... read more

What you should know about your competition

If you’re a woman in business or even just ready to launch your business, I’m sure you’ve already had a look at what your competition is doing. Maybe more than a peak, maybe a good long look. Or maybe monitoring them more often than you feel is okay.... read more

Conquering Limiting Beliefs

Choosing a “Word of the Year” rather than making resolutions has been a cultural thing for a number of years now. I find it particularly appealing because I can’t stand making New Year’s Resolutions only to mess them up by the 4th of January.... read more

Avoid wasting time and money in your business

Last week technology kicked my butt. The kids would say “literally” and I have to admit, it sure felt literal. Building your own business sometimes feels like you’re changing hats every five minutes.  Instead of working on your business you spend... read more

Do you really need a Facebook Business Page?

You walk into party and all your friends are there chatting. Half way through a conversation you start telling everyone about your products and what you’re promoting at the moment. One or two people around you might be interested, while the others raise an... read more

Build Your Home Business While Still At Your Day Job

I have to admit that I had the luxury of starting my first business while I was at home and not working a regular 9 to 5 job. Although, raising 3 children (5 year old twin boys and a 7 year old daughter) at the time wasn’t exactly less work than a 9 to 5! But... read more

3 Easy Tips to Keep Positive and Focused on your Business

I want to talk about vampires. No, not the nice sparkly ones but the ones that suck up your energy and emotions.  When you have your own business doing something you’re passionate about, then at the end of the day you expect to be feeling tired but uplifted,... read more

5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Ever get to the end of your work day and think “I was busy, but what the heck did I do”?  I’ll be the first to admit: I’ve looked at my watch and it’s time to pick the kids up from school, while that blog post still hadn’t been... read more

Creating Good Business Habits

2016 is well on it’s way now and I’d love to ask you the same question that I ask myself “What is 2016 going to look like for you?”.  Well of course we all want to have the most amazing year ever, both personally and in business. Wouldn’t... read more

How to Take the Loneliness out of Working from Home

You start your own business from home for so many great reasons. You want to be your own boss, the flexible hours are enticing, you want to pursue your passion. Thank God there’s no traffic to deal with, no worrying about what to wear everyday or dealing with... read more

Create a Gift Guide for your Customers

Have you prepared a Christmas Gift Guide for your customers? It’s not too late to create a gift guide for your customers. While lots of people have started their Christmas shopping, those who haven’t will be very grateful for some ideas from you.  And... read more

What Pinterest’s New Search Function Means for You

Whoa! Have you seen Pinterest’s new Search function? A new search function might not sound that exciting, but trust me, this is a game changer for both those who love to surf Pinterest and for businesses selling any sort of product. Have you ever looked at a... read more